Club Membership

Club Membership

By Cath Halford
29 August
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Club Membership

Dear all,

As per the AGM the annual membership subs were increased by £10 apart from the Players Fees which will remain the same.

Memberships can be paid online, via our Pitchero website as the below hyperlink (This excludes the M & J Memberships as these are dealt with via the registration day 8.9.19). Please note when making the payments online it will come up that you are setting up a direct debit, but rest assured this is a one-off payment and a direct debit will not be setup.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to join the website as weekly communications are sent via the website, although we will continue with traditional e-mail and social media

All players must be paid up members for insurance and to contribute towards playing overheads. Team sheets will be checked to ensure all playing subs are paid, players will not be able to play if the memberships haven’t been paid.

Please Note: No payments will be accepted via the staff to go through the till, we want to encourage as many of you as possible to pay online. If there are circumstances where you can’t pay online then please drop me a message, details below.

Please note that any unpaid memberships will have their cards deactivated on 30 September 2019

As previously mentioned, we have now introduced new membership cards and the old ones will not work. Where possible we have tried to keep the same numbers, but some have changed.

Senior Player £90.00
Social Member £60.00
Student £35.00
Staff £30.00
VP £70.00 minimum payment (other denominations are set up on Pitchero)

Cath Halford
Membership Secretary

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